Deductions Don’t Always Save Taxes

Roger describes why deductions don’t always save taxes and what your better options may be.

Language of the IRS

The language of the IRS can vastly differ from general english definitions, which can effect you.

Effective Tax On New Income

What is the Effective Tax on New Income and why is it so important?

Transferring IRAs

It’s best to be well-informed when transferring IRAs.  Includes a valuable description of the Retirement Account Timeline.

Inheriting IRAs

What are your best options for inheriting an IRA from your spouse?

Tax Coupon

Are you a coupon clipper?  A description of the Tax Coupon and how it could benefit you.

Turkey Story

What do we do things the way that we do?  Because it’s the way it’s always been done!

Lump Sum

Roger shows how different the language of the IRS is from everyday definitions. Getting professional financial advice can save you from irrevocable errors.

Tax Free Transfers

A discussion about arranging affairs and the efforts into tax-free transfers.

Taxes Through Time

Roger explains estate planning for today.  A brief look into the history of estate planning, tax planning and retirement plans over the years.