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I’ve Been Offered a Lump Sum of Money, What Now?

Lately there have been instances where a former employee may have received an option for taking the lump sum distribution on their Pension, or to start receiving their pension benefit early. These companies include Cargill, Qwest (CenturyLink), 3M, NCR and many more. This is a major financial decision that may have a significant impact on your retirement. This article will attempt to provide an in-depth look as to why this is occurring.Pension plans are becoming the less popular retirement
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Feature Article: Medtronic Mission in Motion Grants Program Want to get the most

The Matching Grants Program through Medtronic was introduced on September 10, 2013. The program was designed to make charitable giving easy, convenient and meaningful for you, the employee or retiree. This philanthropic program matches dollar for dollar employee charitable donations, with the intent to mutually double the impact people make in the communities where they live and work.
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Danger: Taxes Ahead! Plan Your Detour Now!

Is your company planning to merge with another, as in the case of Medtronic and Covidien?  Recent mergers have shined a light onto the scope of the tax consequences faced by shareholders when these corporate actions occur.  In the case of the Medtronic /Covidien merger, an entirely new entity is being created to purchase all of the shares of both companies.  This means that shareholders on both sides of the merger will be facing an unplanned tax liability because of the
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